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Here’s what I’ve bought to kickstart our detox diet.
First up, Detox tea to help us excrete the toxins from our body. It cost around $21 for a twin pack.

Followed by fresh vegetables such as brocolli, cauliflower, lettuce, corn tomatoes and golden mushrooms

Next up, We mustn’t forget our nutrients and vitamins. So we bought fruits like apples. But the damned supermarket was selling un-ripe bananas hence we decided to skip it.

I reckon this amount of food could last for maybe 2,3 days before i’m gonna replenished it again. Perhaps after school, i would heading to the supermarket to get some papayas and bananas. These two fruits sure look heaty but they add fuels to your body. An crappy analogy would be like adding coal to the engine to enable it run. If the engine(your body) has zero coal(energy food), it wouldnt be able to run at all and hence, your mind and body would be weak and i wouldn’t want that to be happening to me.

 ok that’s it for the day. Gotta prepared the food. I’m keeping my fingers crossed.


 Just a note: This detox diet i’m going through is based mainly on Vegetables, Fruits and sparingly servings of lean chicken meat.


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