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So Day 1, I woke up bright and early, feeling really confident of sticking to my detox diet for the whole week. But things were not as easy as I thought it would be. I had a red apple for breakfast and a cup of detox tea at around 7 am. The detox tea tastes like any other tea but the smell was horrible. It was NASTY ( or maybe it’s just me, because my mom finds it alright). Worse of all the smell clings onto your breath, so when ever i breathe deeply, I could smell the tea.

The effects of the detox tea kicked in at around 10 plus close to 11. Thus I headed to the toilet thrice in about an hour. Surprisingly the effects of the tea is quite gentle on the stomach, just a bit of quesiness like you really gotta go. However, the smell was… was… it smelt like the tea… ok, gory stuff aside.

Salad Lunch!

So, moving on to lunch. Lunch was a homemade salad set made from broccoli, lettuce, mixed vegetables, cauliflower and some boiled chicken. It was tasteless to say the least. But eating all that vegetables made the chicken taste so good in comparison and mind you, I just rubbed some salt on to the chicken to marinate a while and washed it off and boiled it. I had originally thought that I would be really hungry after a while but I didn’t. The vegetables were actually quite filling. Except that after eating all those, I have a mad urge to binge on donuts, hotdogs, egg tarts etc etc.

I had white rice mixed with brown rice for dinner, some fish, boiled chicken and steamed egg. Dinner was good! But still have the mad urge to binge, hopefully it will pass in a few days.

All in all this detox diet is going to be a lot harder than I thought. But it’s ok, I just have to put in more effort and grit my teeth and bear with it. I will preservere!

My bro’s weight gotten down by 1kg. Current Weight: 72kg

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